Our Mission

Transforming the lives of children and youth through excellence in music education and choral singing.

Our Vision

To foster life-long values, including the love of music; the pursuit of excellence; self-discipline and teamwork; self-expression and self-confidence; and a greater understanding of oneself, the world, and its people.


The Mt. San Antonio College Children’s Choir (MSACCC) is a choral performance and music education program for youth, grades 1 - 10, who live in the nearby southern California area and wish to be part of an educationally focused choral ensemble.  The MSACCC provides children the experience of artistic choral singing and the opportunity to perform outstanding children and treble choir literature, while emphasizing the understanding and development of musical skills.

Singing skills and musical understanding are essential components of the creative process and are fundamental concepts of music education that will be taught to every singer.  High quality music from all styles and periods form the foundation for musical learning, and serve as the basis for this curriculum. The MSACCC repertoire will include music from the great composers of the past, as well as exciting new compositions.

Program Goals

Reaching a high level of artistic excellence in choral music performance.
Providing an opportunity to produce, practice and perform treble repertoire of many different styles.
To achieve music literacy through sequential music activities.
To foster personal and musical growth of singers.
Enrich the lives of children from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in the Mt. SAC geographic area.

Children's Choir Advisory Council

Bruce Rogers
MSACCC Artistic Director
Director of Choral Activities at Mt. SAC
Mark Lowentrout
Mt. SAC Campus representative
Arts Division Associate Dean
William Lambert
Mt. SAC Campus representative
Executive Director, Mt. SAC Foundation
John Soward
Mt. SAC Foundation Board representative
Gary Chow
Mt. SAC Board of Trustees representative
Bryant Aquino
Music Administrator representative
Rowland School District Music Coordinator
Nathaniel Bailey
Music Teacher representative
Baldwin Park High School Choral Director
Loren Sanchez
Community representative, Upland
Retired Upland School District Superintendent
Wes Fifield
Community representative, Upland
Current Upland School Board member
Linda Keagle
Community representative
Owner of Cask ‘n Cleaver & Sycamore Inn Restaurants